Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:55 am
Tiens Group Founder President Mr. Li Jinyuan


President Li's Address


  President_Li Established in China's market economy, Tiens Group has

rapidly developed during the past 13 years. Tiens Group established an

advanced corporate management system while retaining its strong Chinese

cultural foundation. As a result, TIENS successfully realized three major

leaps in its transition to an enterprise based on high-technology,

internationalization, and globalization. Based on these achievements, Tiens Group has grown to be a globally renowned multinational corporation with strengths in many areas.

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  Tiens Group has branches in 110 countries and regions and does business in more than 190 countries

throughout the world. It has entered into strategic alliances with many first class domestic and overseas

enterprises. In 2003, TIENS was successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States.


   TIENS is based on China’s unique culture and derives its diversied health product range from natural

essences and high-tech advancements for global consumers. TIENS has not let success change its original

business philosophy, and continues to develop TIENS products and expand its business activities. The

establishment of Banner Store demonstrates TIENS’ entry into the retailing industry. Based on New

Swap and Alternative Theory, and through continuous innovation of its management concepts, TIENS will

continue to expand its retail business. In addition to business development, TIENS gives back to society by

supporting public charities and private education, and fullling its responsibilities and obligations as a corporate citizen.


  With an outlook toward the future, TIENS will continue to serve global consumers with outstanding

products and service, opportunities for education and career advancement, state-of-the-art business concepts,

and improved quality of life. TIENS forms a broad international platform for anyone interested in its

charitable causes. I believe that everyone can enjoy a happy, harmonious, healthy and wealthy life.

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